High School

2017 State High School Badminton Championships
Sunday, March 12th
Northglenn High School

Draws are posted below

Events: Individual Events: Girls’ Singles, Boys’ Singles, Girls’ Doubles, Boys’ Doubles, and Mixed Doubles

Team Competition: See rules for team competition below

Participants may enter up to 3 events.
Your doubles and mixed partner must be from your same high school.

Awards: Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each event.
Team Competition champions will receive a trophy to display in their school trophy case.

Format: Match format consists of the best 2 of 3 games to 21 points (21 point scoring system)
For draws of 16 or more participants there will be feed-in to the consolation bracket until the quarter finals.
Draws of 15 or fewer will be single elimination with a consolation bracket if you lose your first match.
Consolation is 1 game to 21 points. (Reminder to- Change sides at 11.)

Equipment: Proper gym attire is required. Rackets will be available for purchase at the tournament, starting around $20, or you can contact Ed Zimmerman at 303-333-0511.
HL High Altitude plastic shuttles will be provided.

Entry Fee: $15 for the 1st event, $10 for the 2nd event and $5 for the 3rd event.
Your partner must send in a separate entry form and payment. No credit cards.

All entries must be accompanied by a check.

Make check payable to: Colorado Badminton Association
Mail to: Colorado Badminton Association
99 Southmoor Dr.
Denver, CO 80220

Email kathyzimm@hotmail.com

Denver Contacts: Kathy Zimmerman 303-246-8621 or kathyzimm@hotmail.com
Ed Zimmerman 303-333-0511 or edshuttle@outlook.com

2017 Colorado State High School Badminton
Team Championships

Team Competition Rules

All participants are automatically entered in the Team Competition.

Athletes earn team points based on results of individual competition and the winner of the consolation bracket.

Team Points - Qualifying

For draws of 16 or more participants main draw team points will begin to count starting with the winners of the quarter finals of the main draw. (example: winner of quarter finals, semi-finals, gold and bronze all win points)
For draws of 15 and fewer participants – team points will begin when the draw has equal amount of players. (example: byes or no shows in first rounds do not count for team points)
Girls’ and Boys’ points will be combined towards one High School Team State Champion.
There will be no substitutions or draw changes after the event has started.

Main Draw
Each qualifying singles and doubles victory in the main draw is awarded 4 points.
The Gold medal winner in the main draw of each event will get 2 additional points (4+2=6 points total)
The Bronze medal winner of each event will get 4 points towards their team’s total points.

The winning player or team of the consolation for each event will get 4 points towards their team’s total points.

Team Trophy
The winner of the Team Competition will be the school with the highest total points and will receive a permanent trophy to display in their school’s trophy case as the Colorado State Badminton Team Champions.

Previous Team Winners

2009 – Poudre High School
2010 – Poudre High School
2011 – Boulder High School
2012 – Boulder High School
2013 – Boulder High School
2014 – Poudre High School
2015 - Boulder High School
2016 - Evergreen High School
2017 - Evergreen High School

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