High School

10th Annual 
2018 Colorado State High School Badminton 
Individual and Team Championships 
Sunday, April 22nd 
Sponsored by the Colorado Badminton Association 
and Boulder High School 
Download entry below

Deadline: Entries must be received by Tuesday, April 17. No drop-ins! 

Location: Boulder High School, 1604 Arapahoe Av, Boulder, 80302

Events: Individual Events: Girls’ Singles, Boys’ Singles, Girls’ Doubles, Boys’ Doubles,
and Mixed Doubles

Team Competition: See rules for team competition below 

Participants may enter up to 3 events.
Your doubles and mixed partner must be from your same high school.

Format: Match format consists of the best 2 of 3 games to 21 points (21 point scoring system)
For draws of 16 or more participants, there will be feed-in to the consolation bracket until the quarterfinals.

Draws of 15 or fewer will be single elimination with a consolation bracket if you lose your first match. Consolation is 1 game to 21 points. (Reminder to- Change sides at 11.)

Schedule: Sunday, April 22nd (These are estimated times, so we will roll right into the next event when one finishes. Please plan to arrive early so you do not miss your event.)

Boys’ Singles 8:30 am
Girls’ Singles 10:00 am
Boys’ Doubles 11:00 am
Girls’ Doubles 12:00 pm
Mixed Doubles 12:00 pm

Equipment: Proper gym attire is required. Please bring your own racquets.
HL High Altitude plastic shuttles will be provided.

Entry Information:
Each coach will complete a single google form, with the information for their team. Please list names in order by top seed to lowest seed of your team, for each event.
$15 for each person’s participation. If the student requires a scholarship it must be arranged by the teacher/coach from your school with the director of the tournament (Monique Guidry, prior to the event.

Make check payable to: 
Boulder High School
Mail to: 1604 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, CO 80302

Contact:            Monique Guidry            Monique.guidry@bvsd.org            (720)561-2220

Previous Team Winners 

2009 – Poudre High School 
2010 – Poudre High School 
2011 – Boulder High School 
2012 – Boulder High School 
2013 – Boulder High School 
2014 – Poudre High School
2015 - Boulder High School
2016 - Evergreen High School
2017 - Evergreen High School

For video tips on how to play badminton visit


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