Hall of Fame

The Colorado State Badminton Hall of Fame was created in 2007.
It is located at the Denver Athletic Club.

Marty Harrison is the Co-Founder and President of the Hall of Fame.

Mission Statement

The Colorado Badminton Hall of Fame (CBHOF) is dedicated to recognizing, honoring, and permanently memorializing the most outstanding Colorado Badminton players and contributors.

Class of 2008

Class of 2009
Jim Stabler
Robert Zimmerman

Class of 2010
Carl Rennert

Grant Taggard

Class of 2011
Sam Liew
Jean Hedberg
Class of 2012
Billie Ann Camp
Gus Anderson

Class of 2013
John Mellin

Class of 2014
Alan Mills

Class of 2015
Dorris Taylor

Class of 2016
Kathy Zimmerman

2011 Colorado Badminton Hall of Fame


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