High School Athlete of the Year

Colorado Badminton High School Athlete of the Year

Kate Mooney

Ryan Anthony-Ceres

Omkar Shinde

Claudia Dillon

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Nominee Criteria

    • Must be a high school student

    • Can be nominated any year while in high school

    • Can be nominated more than one year

    • Can nominate yourself

    • Exhibits good sportsmanship both on and off the court

    • Must complete nomination form below

    • Must have at least one letter of recommendation


    • Form deadline – Two weeks after the state HS badminton championships

    • The high school athlete of the year will be honored at the annual Hall of Fame banquet during the Colorado Open

    • After the submission deadline, the Hall of Fame committee will vote on the winner and he or she will be notified one week after the submission deadline.

    • The winner will be presented with a plaque and his or her name will be displayed in the Colorado Badminton Hall of Fame trophy case at the Denver Athletic Club.