John Mellin

John Mellin

Inducted - April 6, 2013

John was born April 5, 1929 in New Albany, Indiana. His first sports’ love was high school basketball, but badminton, tennis and skiing became his favorites. John graduated from Purdue with his MS degree in engineering, served the Army in Korea, and married Joanne Potter during the 1950’s. He worked in aerospace for 39 years, but his association with competitive badminton began in Baltimore in 1956. John played there with world class champions before moving to Colorado in 1967. 27 years later without a place to play badminton, he helped developed the facility currently at Whitlock in Lakewood. His enthusiastic dedication to the game has inspired and encouraged many players. His children are Scott and Amy.

Won the 1997 National Seniors 60-64 Doubles’ Gold with Ka Lun Fogg

2005 National Senior Games 75-79 Singles’ Bronze

2009 National Senior Games 80-84 Singles’ Bronze

1996, 1998, 2004, 2006, 2008 Rocky Mountain Senior Singles’ Gold

Won the 2010 Rocky Mountain Senior Doubles’ with Chris Chabas

More Results

National Senior Games Men’s Doubles 60-64 1997 GOLD

National Senior Games Men’s Doubles 2005 BRONZE

National Senior Games Men’s Doubles 2009 BRONZE

Rocky Mountain Senior Games Singles 1996 GOLD

Rocky Mountain Senior Games Singles 1998 GOLD

Rocky Mountain Senior Games Singles 2004 GOLD

Rocky Mountain Senior Games Singles 2006 GOLD

Rocky Mountain Senior Games Doubles 2010 GOLD

Pikes Peak Open Men’s Singles over 60 2010 GOLD

Badminton in Colorado

• 1967 moved to Littleton, Colorado after illustrious Badminton career in Baltimore, MD (see

below) but could not find Badminton play until 27 years later;

• 1994 started playing at Whitlock Recreation Center in Lakewood, a modified church building;

• 2001 was instrumental in designing a two court, badminton-oriented facility in the newly

constructed Whitlock Center;

• 2008 - 2009 developed and co-directed a unique tournament format combining multi-age

and multi-skill levels at Whitlock Center;

• 2005 to present enthusiastically supported all-you-can-eat buffet style lunches to promote

bonding between Play Badminton at Lakewood Club members and other Clubs.

Badminton before Colorado

• 1939 started playing Badminton at age 10 in Indiana backyard, left racquet outside overnight,

dew warped it badly, straightened it with a letter press;

• 1943 worked on farm at age 14, set up a court and played with munitions workers who

boarded there;

• 1957 resumed playing at age 27 (after Purdue Engineering School 1947-1955), Korean War,

graduate school and starting career with Glen L. Martin Aviation Co, Baltimore MD) with Gilman

Badminton Club and nationally ranked players members; i.e., Judy Devlin, 13 time All England;

• 1959 married Joanne, a member of another Badminton Club, and social life almost entirely

associated with Badminton playing in Philadelphia, Boston and Washington DC tournaments.

• 1959 assisted Grace Devlin (Judy’s mother) conducting Badminton classes for 8-12 year olds;

• 1962 President of Maryland State Badminton Association

1962 hosted Club Open Tournament. The World Champion, Edward Kops of Denmark played,

as did top players from USA, Swede, Scotland, Canada and Mexico. Club Members played in the

same draw as these world class players.

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